Communicating is key.

I have been a life long communicator...that is if you count the fact that I've been babbling since before I could talk.

Never afraid to speak my mind, I strive for clear and honest communication in every form. Website design, publicity, social media, marketing, & advertising are no exception. Though my career goals are always in flux, one thing is clear: I never want to be bored. With this in mind, I'm making my way as a do-it-all communicator. 

Like the desert.

These three words have been a motif in my life for as long as I can remember. When introducing myself, I started saying " the desert" after I say my name. As I've met more people in different parts of the world, they started to say that phrase to me upon hearing my name. Call it catchphrase or tagline, it's definitely my "name" brand!