Starting out...

Seeing as this is my first blog post for my own professional purposes (and not for a client or employer), it has taken me a while to decide what to write. Finally, after a delicious sushi lunch with an uncle who used to be in the marketing business, I was inspired! I will write about my process. 

This may sound like the obvious thing to write about, because it is. It's the same blog theme I would have used for a client, to talk about their work and their process. But thinking of using that same structure for my own brand didn't occur to me until I started to think of myself differently. 

I suppose that was my step one: To adjust my parameters of focus from robotically filling out countless job applications for positions to realizing the value of my work and actively seeking out clients for whom I can accomplish growth and development. This is a work in progress and I am always looking for opportunities where I can be of service. 

To me, communication is evolutionary and revolutionary. In the business, industrial, corporate world, it has grown to mean something other than clear and honest lines of information between people at different tiers, vertical or horizontal, in the company. I want to return to the basics and utilize the tools of marketing, public relations, advertising, content writing, and internal and external communications to create dialogues between companies and their audiences.

Welcome to my professional journey.